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All our assessment, inspection and estimate services are completely free. We have found that less than 50% of homes we assess actually need repairs.

Inspection and Estimates

All our assessment, inspection and estimate services are completely free. We have found that only about 20-25% of homes we assess actually need repairs.

What’s the difference between an assessment, inspection and estimate?

Assessment – We answer the question “Do I have damage and need repairs?”

Inspect – We answer the questions “Do I need an estimate or do I need to file a claim?”

Estimate – We answer the question “How much are my repairs going to cost?”

Residential Services

We offer full shingle roof replacements as well as shingle repairs. Our full roof replacements include removing the old shingles, fully inspecting the existing roof decking and replacement with a high quality architectural shingle roof system. Your roof is essential in protecting your home from the harsh outside elements. The goal is for your roof to endure these hardships for 20-30 years. Even the best materials will not last that long if they are not installed properly which is why choosing your next roofer should be given such careful consideration. Choosing MidSouth as your next roofer means that you are choosing a company who treats your home as if it’s our own!

Commercial Services

We install TPO Roofing Systems. If you have a commercial project coming up, we’d love the opportunity to help you with it.


Whether it’s an emergency roof leak or a pesky missing shingle, we are happy to help with all general roofing repairs.

Our Warranty

We offer a 5 year labor warranty. You will find that most companies offer a 1 year or 2 year labor warranty but our labor warranty reflects our belief in both our process and the roof system that we install. Most importantly if a warranty issue ever arises, we will be as easy to reach on the back end as we were on the front end. We want happy customers that are willing to refer us to their friends and family, so if you are having an issue or think you might be having an issue then we want to address it as soon as possible. We can’t ever promise perfection, no matter how hard we may strive for it. But we promise we will be there if you need us!

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