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There are several things to consider when you are considering your next roof system and who will be your next roofer! When we are accessing a job here are some of things that we consider and we urge you to consider as well. One of the first things to consider is how steep your roof is. If your roof is steep the work process slows down considerably and additional safety precautions have to be taken to keep people safe. Access to both the front and back yard is also a consideration because that dictates how close or far the shingles can be set to the house and or how far they have to be carried. That applies to both the new shingles to be put on as well as the old shingles that have been torn off. Whether the house is 1 story or 2 is another factor to consider. The amount and type of landscaping often determines how much plant protection is required. Protecting plants is typically done with plywood and tarps which requires additional time to put down and take up. Often times in this scenario we will have to hand toss roof materials off of the roof to prevent damage to landscaping. Cleaning up around landscaping also slows down the clean up process. A swimming pool is another thing that can complicate the tear off process. It is often necessary to cover the pool to prevent debris from entering the pool and shingles often have to be hand tossed off of the roof to prevent them from entering into the pool as well. Additionally roof material prices continually increase and both price increases and material quality need be factored in. For example, if we have a 2 month waiting list then we must price your roof accordingly with the scheduled price increases that may be in effect by the time we roof your home. We are able to negotiate material pricing as much as possible each year due to the sheer volume of shingles that we purchase. We do this in order to offer our customers the best roofing materials on the market while keeping our prices competitive. Unfortunately, we have no control over pricing increases and how often they occur. Warranty is one of the factors that should also be considered when comparing roofing quotes. Our warranty is factored in to the price so you won’t see it a broken out separately on your estimate. A 5 year warranty, like the one we offer, is obviously more expensive than a 1 or 2 year warranty and should always be factored in when comparing “apples to apples”. At the end of the day a warranty is only as good as the person that gives it, so check references and make sure that you are dealing with a reputable company and that you are actually getting the service after the sale that you are paying for!

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